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  • Jeff Horton
    Full Stack Builder of WebApps & SysAdmin with Ruby on Rails, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, DevOps, AWS & More.
  • Erik Yuzwa
    Specialties include (but not limited to): Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, Mobile Web, AngularJs, Vue.js, Backbone, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, JQuery Mobile, PHP and Java.


Are you starting a new project? Has your previous developer abandoned you? We've worked in Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Perl, C++, Java languages and a lot of platforms like NodeJS, Rails, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Wordpress, QT5, PlayFramework on new and existing systems.


Got yourself into the cloud? Want to? We used to sell computers and then we racked them and now they are all in the cloud. From classic SysAdmin to Chef, Puppet and Docker on AWS and Azure we can help with setup, tuning and troubleshooting.


Schedules aren't what they used to be, bugs are 24/7. We know that and have been there in the dark with them for 20 years. Proactive maintenance, Mitigation and Monitoring will keep things running smoothly.

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We have worked on a wide range of problems and certainly aren't afraid of new ones
Take a peek at some of our favourite examples.

  • WebApps

    Custom Order Entry & Integration.

    Realtime GPS Tracking.

  • StartUp Prototypes

    User friendly non-technical FrontEnd Testing.

    Personal Safety and Security Checkin.

  • Bug Hacking

    On Call Troubleshooting & Fixing of Apps, Databases & Servers.

  • DevOps

    Chef & Puppet Standardisation & Automation.

    Rebootable & Repeatable Servers & Processes.

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