About Jeff

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I’ve been a techie for more years than you are supposed to admit and don’t get the point of cutting resumes and history off at 10 years. I consider my own long experience and that of my peers to be invaluable in a world where making sense quickly is best served by having a huge range of frameworks and ideas to map the new onto.

In the old days:
Had a dial-up BBS for years in the early 90s. Brought in FidoNet and several other post based networks for my local community. Was a lot of fun and the origin of many of my oldest friendships.

Had a computer store in the late 90s. Back in those days you often when to the office supply store for your tech, too bad they also wanted to sell you a massive heavy desk, a photocopier and a few dozen boxes of toner. Certainly couldn’t ask them about the new ‘internet’ thing.

In the new days:
Have worked as a founder, a consultant, a techie and with others of the same to bring new products, experiences and hopefully things that can give people value and superpowers to make their days better.

To learn about professional work try here Rockieweb Industries

Lived in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Coquitlam & Port Coquitlam (Metro Vancouver), and now in Red Deer Alberta.

In 2016 we gave up our rental in Port Coquitlam and spent 2 months and 16,000 KM driving around western Canada and U.S. Saw such exciting places as Tofino, Prince George, Ft. McMurray, Swift Current, Oxbow, Billings, Bozeman, Spokane, Seattle and many amazing places in between.

Proud of my technical and community work and look forward to meeting and learning from you all some day.

Some things I do for fun

3D modelling and printing. Can never make too many vacuum adapters.
Machining on my hobby lathe and mill.
Electronics, arduino and blinky things.
Come up with bad memes and dad jokes to annoy my teenage daughters (that is parenting bonding right?)
Studying a wide range of topics including programming, ops, history, biomes, the making of stuff and the world, leadership, design, and startups.