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Summer 2024. Currently have time for new projects. I solve software, systems and related problems for Startups & Founders backed by my own experience in your shoes. Providing self-managed, self-defining project work and consulting. My job is to help you.

May & June 2024 - Virtual coaching in the current cohort of Alberta Catalyzer Engage program.

I’m a problem solver for hire, just check my LinkedIn recommendations. I take open ended, napkin drafted, could we/should we problems, questions and projects from early founders and agencies and make it go. I want to help your team get moving and get better.

What can I do with you?

  • Fractional CTO / Technical Advisory, need a bit of guidance as a non/semi-tech founder?
  • Code & Cloud Architecture and Review, growing and need a double check?

Connect with me on LinkedIn, Mastodon or email and check out Rockieweb Industries to learn more about my professional life.

LGBTQ+ Supporter. #NoSpaceForHate. #dontbeadick. Seriously it isn’t that hard, leave people to be people.

Check this out

After my travels in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC when we returned to the prairies to try Red Deer AB this time I remembered what it was like when I lived in a smaller city with no strong community. I created these meetups to help people find each other and have great chats.

I might have contacted you about meetups and startups in Red Deer. I’d like to hear from you if you are interesting in learning more or coming out as we build a tech and startup community in Red Deer.

These meetups aren’t about buying and selling but instead ‘peers over beers’ where we can learn, share and chat like they do in all the bigger cities I’ve been in.

Search on LinkedIn and Meetup dot com for ‘Red Deer Tech & Code’ and ‘Red Deer Start Here’

Red Deer Tech & Code

Red Deer Tech & Code

Red Deer Start Here

Red Deer Start Here

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