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A Tech, Business, Life Blog badly covering the misadventures and ramblings of one Mr. Jeff Horton

Hi, I'm Jeff. I like tech, art and writing. Always very interested in understanding how people use and experience technology. I run Rockieweb Industries (Click to learn more) doing Freelance CTO/Tech(Software,DevOps,Teams) and Startup/Business consulting. I often take on full & part-time roles. Look for me at meetups and startup events in the Vancouver, BC area.

  1. A Travelling Man

    A man whom is lost takes any path he can find …

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  2. Authoritative Intelligence

    Authoritative Intelligence …

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  3. DevOps jokes

    You know what type of joke distributed DevOps teams tell on Slack? “noc noc”
    Why don’t DevOps like the elevator? Lots of uptime and downtime. …

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  4. When I had money

    When I had money I was eyeballs
    When I had ideas I was content
    When I had friends I was a network
    When I had stuff I was commodity
    When I had nothing I was free.

    -jeffhorton …

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  5. startup jack

    Startup Jack could afford no fat.
    His wife could code so lean.
    And so betwixt the two of them
    They shipped an MVP. jh …

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  6. startups in suess

    The old is old, the new is new,
    why not try a startup too.
    It takes your stuff and rents it back,
    it has your mom, it has your cat! jh. …

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  7. 7 Ways To Improve Your Copy

    You’re looking to connect with customers but aren’t sure how? A tweet here, a blog post there, a landing page with a call to action, an ad on some site. Did you put much thought into that message? Of course you did, but here are the questions I ask to try and make my messages better. I’ve used these points to add and change wording everywhere I’ve worked. They help to reduce open questions and help you clarify the important messages in your own mind. …

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  8. Things that watch you besides Santa

    Other things that may be watching while you are sleeping.
    - Google Analytics
    - NSA
    - Your Phone
    - Your webcam
    - Kinect
    - Furry friends
    - Gut bacteria
    - Netflix Recommendation Algorithm …

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  9. First they came for the manufacturers

    First they came for the manufacturers, and I did not speak out …

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  10. 2015 Reading List

    As with 2014 I managed to not post a book list for the whole year again. I had a lot of very good reading days this year where I could finish things in a single sitting. Look for ** to highlight things I really liked.

    The disappearing spoon - Sam Kean **
    Molecules - Theodore Gray and Nick Mann
    Strategy Rules - David B Yoffie and Michael A cusumano
    How the body knows its mind - Sian Beilock
    The everyday fermentation handbook - Branden Byers
    A tour of the calculus - David Berlinski
    Bold - Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler
    Being wrong - kathryn Schulz
    Here’s looking at euclid - Alex Bellos **
    Unworthy - Anneli Rufus
    Winners dream - Bill McDermott
    Do over - Jon Acuff
    “ace” any test - Ron Fry
    Compendium of fantasy art techniques - Rob Alexander and Finlay Cowan **
    The value of nothing - Raj Patel
    The troubleshooters guide to do it yourself genealogy - W Daniel Quillen
    Words for pictures - Brian Michael Bendis **
    Not impossible - Mick Ebeling **
    Zombie loyalists - Peter Shankman
    Writing picture books - Ann Whitford Paul
    Writing that works - Kenneth Roman and Joel Raphaelson
    Video game storytelling - Evan Skolnick **
    Eco-fascists - Elizabeth Nickson **
    Children of the depressed - Shoshana Bennett
    An astronauts guide to life on earth - Chris Hadfield
    Only joking - Jimmy Carr
    The ocean of life - Callum Roberts
    The checklist manifesto - Tul Gawande
    Lean In & Lean in: for graduates - Sheryl Sandberg
    Century makers - David Gibbs and David Hillman
    How to succeed in anything by really trying - Lyman Macinnis
    Artistic secret to painting tonal values - Alex Kedzierski
    Multipliers - Liz Wiseman **
    The naked future - Patrick Tucker
    Carved in sand - Cathryn Jakobson Ramin **
    The impulsive, disorganized child - James Forgan and Mary Anne Richey
    The silo effect - Gillian Tett
    The winner effect - Ian Robertson
    The cult of personality - Annie Murphy Paul **
    Losing the signal - Jjacqui Mcnish and Sean Silcoff
    1491 - Charles Mann **
    The 4-hour workweek - Timothy Ferriss
    Becoming a writer - Dorothy Brande
    The charisma myth - Olivia Fox Cabane
    The choose yourself manifesto - James Altucher
    Confidence -<span> Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
    Daily rituals - Mason Currey
    Feeling good - David D Burns **
    How not to write bad - Ben Yagoda
    How will you measure your life - Clayton Christensen and James Allworth
    Killing us softly - Paul Offit
    Save the cat - Blake Snyder
    Quiet - Susan Cain
    The talent code - Daniel Coyle
    Think and grow rich - Napoleon hill
    Mind maps - Tony Buzan
    The war of art - Steven PressfieldThe goal - Eliyahu M Goldratt
    in progressThe lazy project manager - Peter Taylor
    Lost at school - Ross Greene **
    The hard thing about hard things - Ben Horowitz …

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